LOVING YOUR CAR Centers are dedicated to:

  • You, our customers
  • Your cars
  • Your community
  • Your world

We aim to thrill you (not just to satisfy you)

zero defect policy Our “Zero Defect Policy” proves our commitment with:

  • 100% Loving Hand Washes
  • Superb Car Detailing
  • Top Notch Auto Maintenance Services

For over 10 years, our work has been guided by the

We strive to always

  • Make you happy as our customer, all the time, every time
  • Gain your trust and loyalty
  • Deserve your recommendations to your friends
  • Earn you as a customer forever
  • If you are not thrilled, please tell the attendant to finish the work (They aim to please! They want to hear from you!)
  • If you are still not thrilled, please tell the manager so he/she can serve you.
  • While we are trying our best, anyone can have an off moment. With your feedback and requests to fine-tune our service, you help us to thrill you.


  • For 10 YEARS at OUR FIVE LOCATIONS, we have successfully:
  • Served over 6 MILLION CARS
  • Earned a 97% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION rate! Remarkable, yes?!
  • Appreciated the TRUST AND LOYALTY YOU GIVE US. After all, only when you show up can we share our love and our thrilling customer care with you.


  •  Awards Received – Our business was awarded a letter of recognition for Superior Customer Satisfaction and as an accomplished local business in California.
    “You can count on customer care that has been recognized and awarded by our state.”  The Loving Your Car team.


  •  World Ecology Care – LOVING YOUR CAR was the first Car Wash company in the USA that installed Solar Energy to conserve energy use and lower CO2 emissions. “We join you in your aim to protect the world ecology!”  The Loving Your Car team.


  •  Charitable Contributions – We support Make A Wish Foundation and local community centers. Like you, we put our money and time into the community.  The Loving Your Car team.

Albert Arditi
Co- Founder

Albert's vision of customer service since when he opened his first car wash about 10 years ago was "To make our customers Happy all the time." This culture has culminated in the forming of this car wash empire that has served over 6 million cars with highest satisfaction rate. He is devoted to his, customers and community to make Loving Your Car Care Centers the best in serving you and your cars in Southern California.y.

Sean Shouhed

About 28 years ago Sean started his first car wash. His customer service and quality of service was stellar. Eventually  competing neighboring car wash owners started to approach Sean asking him to either buy their business or sell his car wash to them. Today Sean still carries same conviction to serve his loyal customers and their cars with loving tender care. His car care centers are dedicated to Loving Your Car and Loving You.

Sergey Guber
Marketing Manager

Our marketing and information technology director Sergey has joined us to share his business, computer technology and marketing background of over 40 years. Being with same mind set as our two founders, Sergey has brought superb technology and latest customer service concepts to our Loving Your Car organization.